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Use Video Conferencing/Chat

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Use Video Conferencing / Chat

In this day and age, with travel costs becoming more expensive for companies and the existence of cheap, reliable video options, it is becoming more important to try and connect with people via video conferencing or video chat.  There are, of course, large conference room systems [...]

How to Ace a Job Interview

Highly Effective Work Habits:  How to Ace a Job Interview

I came across a good article the other day about how to ace a job interview.  In this article, the author presents 4 techniques to keep in mind:

Do your homework.  You need to know something about the company and position you are interviewing with.  It [...]

Choose the Appropriate Methodology

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Choose the Appropriate Methodology
Do you get involved with a lot of project work that takes weeks, if not months, to complete?  In most situations, it is difficult to run a project smoothly without a methodology in place.  As projects grow in size in terms of people, resources, and time, you need [...]

Water Cooler Chat: Dos and Don’ts

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Water Cooler Chat: Dos and Don’ts recently posted 7 Dos and Don’ts that you should consider when chatting with coworkers around the “water cooler”.

Do – Sunday Hike.  Sharing your hobbies and interests can help people get to know you.
Don’t – Sunday Service.  Keep religion out of the work place.  It is [...]

Web Site:

Whrrl is another social site (and app) designed for mobile users where you can find people with similar interests.  Find a group and join it (or create your own).  You can then use the location service to keep track of where you are and then find people near you with those interests.  You can share [...]

Testing is Critical

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Testing is Critical

Whenever you build something whether it be a new process, tool, or application, you need to make sure testing is a critical part of your plan.  Unfortunately, this is an area that is usually either skipped or limited due to time constraints or budget.  I can’t tell you [...]

Web Site:

If you regularly use a smart phone or other mobile device, you’ve got to check out Foursquare.  Specifically designed for mobile users, it is a social application that allows you to more easily explore cities.  You can tell friends where you are (or find them), track the details of your visit, and rate your experience [...]

Ergonomic Workspace

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Set up an ergonomic workspace

It is awfully hard to concentrate at work if you are in an uncomfortable environment.  Long term, this can also negatively effect your health.  Some of the problems you may develop are back pain, eye fatigue, vertigo, carpal tunnel, and neck strain.  To combat these, you may [...]

Web Site:

This is an interesting concept.  You can create your own “lemonade stand” composed of products that you like.  You then can add your lemonade stand to your Facebook account.  For anyone who purchases something via your stand (by linking through to the retailer), you can actually earn money!  They are in the middle of a [...]

Web Site: Evernote

Here’s a cool web site if you need to supplement your memory or replace that red string around your finger.  Evernote is like a personal notebook where you can capture text, web page clippings, images, photos, screen shots, etc.  You can organize and search on anything you have saved on the site and access it [...]