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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Communication
This is a common problem for most companies.  A majority of issues stem from lack of communication.  In most of the places I have worked, this has always been an issue (with all teams big and small across all departments).
This is a complicated topic with lots of ways to communicate properly [...]

Knowledge Sharing

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge should be a key aspect of working in any team environment.  As I mentioned in a previous post, hoarding information is never a good thing.  Sharing information/data helps people to view you as a “team player” and also helps build up the entire team’s skills.  Do you [...]

Get Away from Your Desk Periodically

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Get Up and Move
For those of us who work in cubes/offices all day, sitting down for that length of time can take its toll.  Several times each day, pick yourself up and walk around a bit.  If you need some reasons, try these on for size:

It is easier on your eyes [...]

Keep a Clean Workspace

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Keep a Clean Workspace
Having a clean workspace will help you to stay organized at work. I’ll cover organization in more detail in a future topic. It is much harder to get things done if you have to hunt around your desk for materials. Most people who have cluttered [...]

Attitude is Everything

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Attitude
Most highly effective workers have positive attitudes.  Almost everything you do on the job extends from the right attitude and has a tremendous effect on your goals.  Poor attitudes lead to decreased motivation, achievements, and communication.  Attitudes are often times much more powerful than intelligence or knowledge when it comes to [...]

Meeting Etiquite – Always be Prepared

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Meeting Etiquite
Meetings happen for most people, no matter what industry or job role you are in.  And often these meetings are with a variety of different people from various departments.  Even if you are not playing a major role in the meeting or just listening, you still need to be prepared.  [...]

Work as a Team

Highly Effective Work Habits:  Teamwork
To be able to function in the modern workplace, teamwork is crucial.  Gone are the days where you could just clock in, work “heads down” all day, and then clock out.  With more and more companies tightening their budgets and not hiring new talent, they are expanding existing roles within [...]

Introducing Effective Work Habits

I’ve decided to start a new topic about highly effective work habits. I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 13 years now. During that time, I’ve learned quite a bit about what it takes to be a highly effective and respected employee. And, while my advice might have a slight [...]